Are you looking for recycled plastic decking installers? Delivering outdoor solutions in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

If you’re looking for a composite recycled plastic deck, get in touch with us and will get you sorted out. Composite decking has many different outdoor products available. When using composite deck you can insure that your product will outlast any timber product. Being low maintenance and covered with a polymer surface, it’s very structural and can with stand Australian elements. Composite decks have become extremely popular in Australia due to the fact they can with stand the harsh climate. The clipping system used is a great design giving a smooth clean look to your decking area.

Composite decking Builders in Melbourne.

Composite recycled plastic deck comes in many different colours. When choosing different colours it is a good idea to look at your surrounding environment and get a clear idea of what colours you would like. Earthy colours are very popular for backyards as a blend into the surrounding environments. There are also many colours available for surrounding pools as well.

Composite decking has been available for the past 20 years. It’s a very durable product. It’s made up of wood fibre and polymer Rezin’s.

It’s then run through a machine and squeezed out like toothpaste. Forming the decking shape and cooled in a bath. Then it is wrapped with a second coating of a harder coloured material , almost like the bottom of snow skis. Then it is sent through some pattern rollers giving it a wood grain look. The end product looks really good and is then cut to length at 5.4 m long. Eco-deck is one of the highly recommended deckings available at Bunnings.

You can find more information about composite decking here:

So get in contact with us today and we can arrange a free on-site quotation if it is within our 15 km range.

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