Don’t miss out!! Composite deck is the future.

Building a better composite future.

Composite decking is a recycled material made from bottles and other plastic waste. We use this material because it helps us create a better future for family generations to come. Composite deck is covered with a plastic capping residue making it tough and durable for the harsh climates in Australia. As we all know there are 4 seasons in one day in Melbourne, making composite decking a very hardy product to use on outdoor decks.

composite decking
Dreams can come true, so just make it happen.

Creating a new composite look.

Not only does composite decking look magnificent , it creates the feel and space needed for your backyard to enjoy with family and friends. Your loved ones will appreciate the effort you have created to entertain , whether it be for a BBQ or that 21st party you want to enjoy. Creating great memories is priceless when it comes to family. So if your backyard is looking a little sad, treat yourself to a brand new Composite decking and give yourself the well earned break you deserve.

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Maintenance is easy!

The best part about composite decking is that it is maintenance free. Get the kids up and out on a Sunday morning with the hose, and that’s it! You only have to wash it like you wash your car. Look after your deck the same way you look after your car and it will last forever. Its also scratch resistant also for the fury ones to enjoy also. But even if you do damage it , it can be repaired easy with a heat gun. But this is best to be completed by a professional as you could void the warranty of the product. Sample colours are here.

Building level ground.

Here at Deckon Builders , we have the best decking installers in Melbourne . We have been building in the eastern suburbs of melbourne for the past 30 years. Our Customers have enjoyed so many good memories on our decks throughout the years. We use a system like no other builder creating a look and feel that you will love. Laser level system is a integral part of our building installation process , creating not only a perfect level area to work from , but a beautiful look to the badantic eye.

Treated pine sub frame.

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