Composite Deck Builders. The new generation of deck installation.

If you’re looking for a brand-new composite deck please get in contact with us today and we will get you sorted out. Deckon builders have been building composite decking in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for the last 30 years and we have built such a great reputation throughout the whole building industry.

Composite decks have given us beautiful new designs and made us reputable within the industry. Composite decking has a great feel and is perfect for outdoor use. Building is our number one specialty in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Composite decks come in a range of different colours and sizes. The durability of the new products is quite strong and considered a very good outdoor product when used and installed correctly by Deckon builders. The material that has been used is a wood fibre combination of recycled plastic and polymers mixed with wood fibre giving it a durable outdoor living solution.

When installed correctly with the correct treated pine subframe material this product can be put basically in any back yard area. All we need is the square meterage size and we can give you a price indicative over the phone.

Most composite decking material comes in 140 mm x 22 mm fixed. It is a capped material with a hard coating similar to the bottom of snow skis. This durable product is run through a machine roller to give the impression of a woodgrain look. Using extreme pressure and heat ,we have created a durable outdoor product that will last more than 30 years. Also new to the addition is a hollow core decking capped also making it very light for installation but insuring complete strength across the joist.

It is installed with a clipping system, plastic and screw which is fixed into the subframe which is installed first prior to the decking installation.

Composite decking with a plastic edge capping.

The picture above shows a plastic composite deck : colour is a bass salt grey. It has been a very popular colour in the past and a lot of customers have chosen to use it. Once installed this composite decking will last you for many years to come.

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