Timber baseboards styles.

Many people ask us when we go out and complete quotations what are the different styles that we can have for our subfloor baseboards. When choosing these designs it is very important to take in the surroundings of your home and understand what the best feature is for your baseboard.

Will the area be visible?

Will the area be covered in plants?

Will the area be used as a screen?

Will area be used as a access point to get underneath the decking?

These are Some of the questions that need to be answered do you understand what kind of baseboard you require. Here at Deckon Builders we have come up with a list of great ideas for your baseboard styles.

Subfloor door access.

Featured in the picture above is a subfloor door access for a spa.This allows you to get access to the pump and other electrical components for your convenience.

vertical baseboards

Vertical baseboards are a great option to add that extra feature to your home standing out above all other standard deckings.

standard composite decking baseboard.

This is a very contemporary line and it looks great for lawn areas as a backdrop to your decking.

vented baseboards

This is a great idea for high decks as it acts as a screen to cover in the subfloor.Later on you can grow items in front of your screen to make it a great backdrop for your garden.It also allows your subfloor to breathe.This will enable you to have a longer lasting Decking.

merbu standard baseboards

This is the standard 140x19mm merbu decking.You could stain this to create any backdrop which will blend in with your home. Colours may vary giving it a nice feature wall.

lattice backdrop

This also is another nice feature to give your decking a better lift.This is more of a Tudor style look and will give a lovely appearance with roses.

So give us a call and we’ll will insure you that your next decking project will meet more than your expectations.

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