Quality decks builders are the only choice in Melbourne.

When it comes to building decks and verandas there are a lot of different kinds of builders. There are builders that build volume and there are builders that build custom designs. Most volume builders will only put together what has been put on the piece of paper and they don’t like to do variations much at all because this upsets their schedules.

At Deck on builders we are custom builders and we can basically build any decking and Veranda style that you like. We have a large adaptability giving us complete control over your project and giving you the best value for money possible on the market today.

Deck on builders have been building in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for the past 30 years and we have designed many different kinds of verandas for peoples backyards.

Not only do we build the best verandas in Melbourne we also build the best Decking’s in Melbourne.

This gives us a leading edge over other builders because we have many different kinds of designs to choose from.

We can basically put a Veranda in any backyard throughout Melbourne because we have three different connection types to your home.

These connection types are either roof extended brackets or roof support brackets ,rafter support brackets and post Boltons to the wall. This gives a complete engineering design that gives you the best product on the market.

rafter extended brackets.

The project above was completed with rafter extended brackets they bolt onto the side of your existing home rafter and extend out through the fascia. This gives you a complete connection detail and and ease of connecting rafters with great strength along the length of your Veranda.

The types of products that we install are as follows:

> Pitched roof verandas.

> pitched carports

> small pitched timber verandas

> skillion roof steel verandas

> small skillion timber roof’s.

> treated pine decking’s

> hardwood timber decking’s

Above with some of the products that we install for your outdoor lifestyle.

Please click the link below to get in contact with us for your next building project and I’m sure that you will find our quotation process very efficient.

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