Fire separation walls – all there is to know to comply.

When building decking’s in your backyard it’s great to expand all the way to your boundary lines. When completing this ,it is necessary to install fire separation wall to ensure that your decking does not spread fire to your neighbours adjoining property. This is a safety measure that complies with Australian standards and the construction code. It is a requirement when installing decking’s to fence lines. The other alternative is to leave a gap of 1 m from the boundary line to ensure there is a separation.

The easiest way to achieve a fire separation wall is to install a colour bond metal fence panels between you and your adjoining neighbour. This achieves the correct burn consistency of 60 60 60 allowing a separation between you and the adjoining property. Giving you complete peace of mind.

Other alternatives are to use a very hardwood decking which has a burn rating that complies with Australian standards.

Get in touch with us today for your next building project and we will price you up accordingly. Here at Deckon builders we are very experienced in doing decking’s and verandahs to the Boundary line.

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