Building decks and Verandahs, nails or screws?

When choosing these different types of products I have done a fair bit of research and believe it’s all up to the individual when it comes to either nailing or screwing down your deck.

Being builders for the past 30 years I believe that the nails hold just as well as the screws, but in saying that it’s all up to the individuals look. Don’t get me wrong ,decking screws do look very nice but it is a very expensive process. It’s labour-intensive and you have to predrill most if not all of the timber.

decking screws.

So when choosing a decking screw it can be very daunting to say the least. Not only do you have to have the correct length you have to have the correct width. And choosing the correct head also makes a difference as well. Installing the screw can strip quite easily so you have to make sure that you have got the correct bit.

Decking Screws

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