Building a strong product.

As everyone knows the building industry is struggling for the supply of materials at the moment. I have had a chat with Leanne from Bunnings and she has told me that the stock level is quite low. The reason being COVID-19 economic impacts. Majority of the Bunnings supply comes from Norway sustainable forests, as here in Australia the government has not allowed the further growth of sustainable forests to flourish. As everyone has seen majority of our natural forest landscapes go up in smoke not so long ago. Causing great concern to many living in those areas. My thoughts are to allow more flourishing of sustainable forests for a better future within Australia, hence selling more products to the rest of the world instead of buying them. Allowing more sustainability within Australia will build a better country for future generations to come. I completely understand the control that is required, but Australia is a very big country and timber can be grown in many different solutions including the desert.

This is impacting the demand by consumers dramatically. It’s not only affecting the price that is being charged, it is also affecting the economy. This will have a great impact in the coming years for the building industry but rest assured here at Deckon we do our best to deliver quality products on time and within budget.

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